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Appointments and Promotions

Please join us in congratulating the following faculty on their new appointments and promotions:

New Appointments (Summer 2012)

Sandra Amaral - Assistant Professor of Pediatrics/Epidemiology
Amanda Hyre Anderson - Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Jun Mao - Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health
Adam Naj - Instructor, Division of Epidemiology
Danish Saleheen - Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Russell 'Taki' Shinohara - Assistant Professor of Biostatistics
Alisa Stephens - Instructor, Division of Biostatistics

Promotions (July 1, 2012)

Charles Branas - Professor of Epidemiology
Jinbo Chen - Associate Professor of Biostatistics with Tenure
Marcella Devoto - Professor of Pediatrics/Epidemiology, CE
Joel Gelfand - Associate Professor of Dermatology/Epidemiology with Tenure
Wei-Ting Hwang - Associate Professor of Biostatistics, CE
Marshall Joffe - Professor of Biostatistics
Steven Kawut - Associate Professor of Medicine/Epidemiology with Tenure
Ebbing Lautenbach - Professor of Medicine/Epidemiology
Mary Leonard - Professor of Medicine/Pediatrics
Mingyao Li - Associate Professor of Biostatistics with Tenure
Mary Sammel - Professor of Biostatistics
Douglas Wiebe - Associate Professor of Epidemiology with Tenure