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Service Centers


The CCEB/DBE serves as an interdisciplinary resource for clinical research throughout the School of Medicine. CCEB/DBE faculty have expertise across a wide range of statistical methods and research designs, and have extensive experience working with biomedical and clinical investigators in diverse disciplines. Services include support for the development and implementation of studies of all sizes from small pilot studies to large-scale, multicenter clinical trials, collaborative clinical and patient-oriented research, and multi-institutional health services research projects. Long-term collaborations with CCEB/DBE faculty are encouraged.

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Service Centers

  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology Consulting Center (BECC)
    • Provides biostatistical and epidemiological consulting services via four units:

      1. Biostatistics Analysis Center (BAC)
        • Provides professional, high quality data analysis, biostatistical programming, and data management services for research in health outcomes, clinical trials, genomics, large prescription and diagnostic databases, and observational epidemiological studies

      2. Data Management Unit (DMU)
        • Provides comprehensive and customized data management services for research studies

      3. Grant Proposal and Study Core (GPSDC)
        • Provides biostatistical and epidemiological study design on matters related to grant proposal development

      4. Outcomes Measurement Methods Core (OMMC)
        • Provides technical support to aid investigators in finding or developing appropriate measurement tools for the outcomes of patient-oriented clinical research

  • Cartographic Modeling Lab (CML)
    • Provides spatial analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology

  • Clinical Research Computing Unit (CRCU)
    • Provides clinical data management and research computing support for a wide range of clinical research projects